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Rich Larkin
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Hi Joel,

Are you suggesting that Kurdish-appearing rugs with single wefts are probably Kolyai?

I have often wondered whether the oft-repeated assertion that rugs produced in the greater Hamadan weaving area are single-wefted was completely accurate. With several hundred villages (according to Edwards) in on the action, it seems implausible that all of them would hold to that policy. The basic maxim seems to have much of the self-fulfilling prophecy about it.

In a different vein relative to the general 'Hamadan' output, I've read that a significant number of the contributing villages had substantial to majority Kurdish populations. Typically, when encountering what appears to be a Hamadan region rug that is a bit wilder and woolier than the norm, I chalk it up to the Kurds. Perhaps that is not a sound approach.

Chuck, I have to say, I like that selection of pieces from your collection. My kinda rugs! I'm a sucker for those ones with the Kurdish shrubs all over the field.

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