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Patrick Weiler
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Most of the piece has flat warps but there is some warp depression in other areas. The general impression is of undepressed warps as can readily be seen in the blue and yellow border in the close up below. The warps are completely covered by the knots so it is not possible to determine their properties without disassembling the piece.
It looks nothing like any Afshar, Khamseh, Qashqai, Luri or Baluch that I have ever handled. It is thick, "chunky", heavy, and "meaty beaty big and bouncy" as the album of that name by The Who was titled.
It may be another case of an urban rug weaver making a saddlebag, rather than a tribal bag. It has a thick, dense pile - like an unworn Heriz. As noted previously, the condition is practically perfect, which makes it all the more curious that a chunk of the sides was cut off and attached to the top and bottom. The blue/yellow border stripe eliminates the possibility that this was part of a larger rug, and it is way too narrow, even with a wide border, to have been a runner.

Patrick Weiler
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