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Rich Larkin
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Hi Patrick,

The back of your bag isn't quite what I was expecting. In fact, there is partial warp depression on it. This makes me think there is a better chance it is related to the runner I posted. That also has partial warp depression, probably not quite so pronounced as yours. It shows best maybe in the blue rosette outlined in red just to the lower right of center of that image of the back. Running your fingers across the back there (and on yours, too, I'm sure) yields a washboard sensation.

What do you think of my idea that your original piece had a border (probably narrow) that was removed, with the red/white bead having been on the outer side of it? In that regard, I re-pose this question: Are the original wefts in the tacked-on bead strip at the point where that strip joins the end of your piece intact? It looks like that might be so from your latest image.

I really like the piece, even though the tack-on is annoying, aesthetically functional though it is.

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