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Rich Larkin
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Hi David,

That is an odd little set of weaving circumstances. Shifts to the right or left are not uncommon in weavings of this ilk. We usually attribute it to some felt need on the part of the weaver to adjust in order to get the overall layout of the design right, or something like that. What's odd is that she (or her aunt, etc.,...) went to the wool at that point. Certainly, whoever was on the loom at that juncture was aware they were in the middle of the silk part. Go figure.

Were they running out of the silk? You mention that it is confined to the lower part of the piece. I take it the "two 'floral' borders" you mention are the ones made up of back to back small boteh-like devices in a meander (called, I believe, the badam border, among other esoteric names). Apparently, the silk also appears in those areas. How far above the kotshanak with the material shift does silk appear elsewhere in the bag? I'm striving to spot it in some of your images, but it is elusive.

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