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George Potter
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Hmm…, please elaborate because you lost me.

To me the design in the fragment seems to derive more from a floral origin, if not I would put my bet on birds.

It is also difficult to determine the date of the MET fragment and the Anatolian fragment, both in time and design.


Thank you for the Stone reference. I have the same book but completely missed the design. Interesting that the design is horizontal in the field and not vertical, the vertical is more common. Can the Veramin attribution of your sample be challenged? Looking through my literature (which is scant) the design of the fragment, through your guidance, seems firmly based in Caucasia. If this could be affirmed by research (guesstimation), and the MET fragment is C14 dated, it would be the oldest affirmed weaving from Caucasia and could also question many Anatolian affirmed attributions.

Am I am aiming too high?

/ George
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