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Steve Price May 19th, 2008 02:56 PM

About this Forum
The Virtual Show and Tell Forum is a place to display and discuss weaving images submitted by any viewer.

To post images or link pages that already have a web address, follow the instructions in our message board software. It will prompt you for the necessary information. Our software is case-sensitive, so the URL must be exactly as it appears on a browser.

If you'd like to post images that are not yet on the web, e-mail the title for your message, the image and the text to Steve Price or Filiberto Boncompagni . The message will be put up under your name, of course.

Please keep messages focused on textiles. Criticisms of other people's tastes, personalities, etc. are not permitted, nor are anonymous or commercial messages. Please do NOT submit pieces that are for sale or that you expect to put on the market in the near future.


Steve Price

Kim Ludlow February 25th, 2015 03:17 PM

Is this site still active?
I'm interested in joining the conversation, but I am unable to upload images. I don't see an 'upload" option.

As well, I tried to contact Steve Price and the email address is invalid.

Can someone reach out and tell me how to participate?

Thank you.
Kim Ludlow

Steve Price February 25th, 2015 07:04 PM

Hi Kim

We keep the uploading utility disabled - too much risk of mischief. If you send image files to me (sprice@vcu.edu) as e-mail attachments, I'll edit them if necessary, put them into our server so they have internet addresses, and send you instructions for making them display in your posts.

I've taken the liberty of changing your user name to Kim Ludlow, so it will automatically appear on your posts as the author. I've also set the software to allow your posts to bypass the routine we use to filter spammers off.


Steve Price

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