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Pierre Galafassi March 5th, 2013 05:46 PM

Hi Filiberto,

That's strange, yes, but one can safely assume that the MET owns a much larger data bank than us, mere "dilettanti".:D

The carpet which you illustrated was published in the catalog of the 314th Fritz Nagel Auction, 1986, # 3330. They attributed indeed the rug to the Afshar, end of XIX or early XX century. Their comment (loosely translated from German by your servant) is interesting, although it rather further increases the viscosity of the molasses: "At first sight, the strongly personal abstract field motif ....is reminiscent of the complex motifs of the Morgi clan of the Afshar.....Apparentl y the artfully imbricated motif represents simplified animals..". Nagel's expert sees also a strong analogy with two thirteenth century rugs published by Erdman in his "Geschichte des frühen türkischen Teppich", one was attributed to Konya (FIG 4) and the other is a fragment found at Beysehir (FIG 9).
I don't own Erdman's book and can't check it, but perhaps these rugs induced the MET to attribute a Turkish passport to its own fragment?
Anyway, this Caucaso-Perso-Turko-Mudejar:angelic: rug, is superb isn't? I 'd love to own it.
Best regards
P.S. Congrats for your outstanding visual memory.

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