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Eric-Zwicky April 10th, 2018 02:19 PM

Books on Oriental rugs
Hi all,

I'm getting ready to buy the Schurmann "Caucasian Rugs" book that I've wanted since the '80s. Are there any similar "classic" texts on Turkmen weavings?

Also, along those lines, do you like Jeff Boucher's "Balouchi Woven Treasures"?

Thanks in advance,

Eric Zwicky
Richmond, VA

Steve Price April 10th, 2018 05:35 PM

Hi Eric


Not up to the minute, but a very good place to start. I'm pretty sure it has the answers to all three of your questions.


Steve Price

Joel Greifinger April 10th, 2018 09:05 PM

Hi Eric,

There's also a more recent Turkotek discussion of rug books here: http://www.turkotek.com/VB37/showthread.php?t=4242

Joel Greifinger

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