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Yohann Gissinger December 10th, 2011 03:10 PM

Curvilinear stem with leaves border
Hello to all,

To illustrate the Onno Ydema thesis (I haven't read it yet) in the sense of a western gothic border ornamentation style (fig 39, 40, 41)

http://www.turkotek.com/old_masters/FIG39.jpg http://www.turkotek.com/old_masters/FIG40.jpg http://www.turkotek.com/old_masters/FIG41.jpg

There is an example of a spanish rug (still existing?) with a similar border:


and for the tile joke a typical gothic style pavement from the "biblioteca Antonio Devoto" in Spain:


Best regards,

Pierre Galafassi December 12th, 2011 04:51 PM

Hi Yohann,

The «chain-mail» motif, prominent in the field of this peculiar group of rugs, apparently existed in both European- (Roman & medieval) and Asian / Islamic- traditions.

The example below shows this motif in another Roman mosaic (villa La Olmeda, Pedrosa della Vega, Palencia.).
In its simplest form, as here, the «chain-mail» seems to have been rarely used as field motif in rugs though.

Another curiosity of this (carpet-like) Roman mosaic is the use of the swastika symbol, which one might think to be an essentially Indian- and, most generally, East-Asian religious symbol.
The swastika is also the unique motif in the strange rug of FIG 65 of main essay ( Osma Master 1450 ).


Surely one should not underestimate the old and continuous contacts between civilizations.

Best regards

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