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Marek Szymanowicz June 11th, 2009 10:36 AM

Travel in time
Hallo all.

I'd like to take you into magical trip in time...

Today is the Corpus Christi - important feast for pious Poles. A feast of both religious and patriotic character because in a colorfull procession around the town centers goes the civil governers with church officials followed by the praying crowd, nobody is working, the biggest church bells are ringing..
the procession carrying the Wholy Sacrament stops at 4 oltars on the way to read fragments of evangely. The oltars are prepaired by the citizens in the front of their houses and most of them are made using carpets hanging on the wall and on the ground, a table to put the Wholy Sacrament on for time of prayer, lots of flowers...
In the past the carpets were often of oriental origin and they were showing owners richness and position.
Many people who had carpets were hanging them out in their windows for that day too, even if they were not prepairing oltars for the procession.


Here is a picture from the city of Lviv - today in Ukraine.
probably 1920-30', Rugshop downstairs " K. Lewicki" is closed but the walls are all decorated with rugs - 100% Corpus Christi. All the carpets and kilims look like polish made - anyway hand made :) at the top of every window on the firs floor - polish white eagles.
Can anyone recognize the advert on the roof...?

happy feast

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