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Steve Price
May 17th, 2008, 11:54 AM
Should you register?

If you do register, the only information you need to enter is your actual name for a user name plus a personal password. You don't have to fill in any of the other fields. We don't provide the list of members to others, but if you are registered someone can click a mouse on your name and see whatever information you entered in the registration form (except your password, of course).

What, if any, are the advantages to being registered? Here's a little list:
1. You can make the message boards display as though everything was happening in your time zone.
2. You can receive e-mail notification of new posts to any thread to which you choose to "subscribe".
3. You can edit your own messages after posting them.
4. You can mark any (or all) forums to indicate that you have read them. This way, the icons that show that there are new posts will only point to messages that are new since your last visit.
5. You can use the automatic features that generate the code to put blocks of text in italics, insert images, change fonts, etc. in messages that you post. You can still do all those things if you are not registered, it's just a little easier with the automatic features.
6. The software will automatically put your name on every message you post.

We don't pressure people one way or the other, although I can't think of any reason why someone ought to avoid registering and there are some conveniences associated with being registered.

Steve Price