View Full Version : 2. Geometric Rugs in Early Renaissance Paintings

  1. Link to Salon Essay
  2. Mills on para-Mamluks
  3. Curvilinear stem with leaves border
  4. Fleurs de lys arabesques in a rug
  5. Renaissance reminiscences in Caucasian weavings?
  6. Are the «large holbein» rugs Spanish or Anatolian?
  7. a rare chessboard border rug.
  8. Beautiful rug with Rub el Hizb medallion
  9. A kind of elibelinde design in the field?
  10. Spanish silk textiles again
  11. Fig. 63
  12. Reminiscence of fourteenth century Il-khanid rugs in eighteenth century Iranian ones?
  13. An interesting Spanish rug in a fifteenth century painting.
  14. MET Carpet Fragment
  15. Painting in Houston MFA